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ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditing of Process-Based Systems Course
Over 8,000 auditors trained!
2 days • 1.6 CEU/RUs
Course #: J00501 • Course Leader: Marty Jaeger • Cost: $795

This ISO 9001 Internal Quality Auditor course provides the body of knowledge necessary to assist candidates in developing; improving and implementing ISO 9001 process based audit programs.  It teaches the strategies and
tactics for planning, conducting, recording, and reporting results.

"Internal auditors need to look at process in- puts, outputs and interactions with the same diligence as CB [certification body] auditors."

Randy A. Dougherty,
Director of Accreditation, ANAB

"During the audit, information relevant to the audit objectives, scope and criteria, including information relating to the interfaces between functions, activities and processes, should be collected by appropriate sampling and should be verified."

Clause 6.5.4 Collecting and verifying information

ISO 19011:2011

 — we provide the tools and techniques, including electronic handouts!1

1. Created in Microsoft Word® usage requires compliance with an end user license agreement (EULA). One copy provided for each organization attending upon request.

During the 2-day course (a 3-day course is available for on-site) structured experiences, simulations, participative learning materials, learning activities and case studies - all provide learning by doing.

To demonstrate comprehension of definitions, concepts and techniques, and/or to meet qualification requirements, a test is provided at the end of the course.  If needed, re-takes are available free of charge.

This internal auditor course is filled with invaluable information and experiences gained while conducting ISO 9001:2015 audits. Numerous handouts are also presented to facilitate understanding and application.

"Auditing is characterized by reliance on a number of principles. These make the audit an effective and reliable tool in support of management policies and controls, providing information on which an organization can act to improve its performance."

ISO 19011:2011


·   The “Process Audit Approach”

·   Understanding and auditing the "context of the organization" and "risk"

·   Learn about the 6 requirements to maintain documented information and the
18 requirements to retain documented information and, how to audit them

·   How to review the ongoing control over the linkages between the individual processes within the system as well as their combination and interaction in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

·   Defining "audit criteria" as required in clause 9.2.2 b)

·   ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems, e.g.:

   - Qualifications, conduct, personal attributes and audit management capabilities

   - Principles of auditing

·   Defining audit objectives, establishing the audit programme, correction, corrective action and follow-up

·   Adapting “who, what, how and how many” to audit planning

·   Writing audit findings

·   Review best practices for writing Process Effectiveness Assessment Reports

·   Auditing customer specific requirements

The Process-Audit Approach

turtle diagram


How Course Attendees Will Benefit
  • After successfully completing the course they will satisfy the training requirements necessary to conduct internal audits.
  • Review and exercises based on ISO 19011:2011 Guidelines for auditing management systems will have broadened their auditing knowledge and skills.
  • Interactive case studies will provide experience evaluating audit evidence to conclude audit findings
  • They will have gained a background in ISO 9000:2005 Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary and the ISO 9001:2015 requirements that will enable them to play a more influential role in improving business practices.
How Recent Participants Rated This Course

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How Course Attendees Will Benefit
  • After successfully completing the course they will satisfy the training requirements necessary to plan and conduct process based internal and supplier audits
  • They will have a better understanding of the  requirements in the revised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems standard
  • They will have broadened their knowledge and skills
  • They will have gained a background in quality management systems that will enable them to play a more influential role in assisting the organization in improving process performance
Who Should Attend

This Course is intended for personnel who will lead, conduct, or participate in internal and supplier/subcontractor (first- and second-party) quality management system audits.

Dates and Locations
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Course Materials Include
  • A comprehensive, colorfully illustrated, 80-page course workbook that includes interactive
    exercises; plus numerous handouts and case studies to provide hands-on understanding and application
  • A personal evaluation of the training results for each participant
  • A certificate for 'completing' or, for 'completing and passing' the course is awarded with 1.6 CEU/RUs.

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